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17x18 (5.3x5.7m) Palmako Grace 44mm Log Cabin

5.3 x 5.7m Palmako Grace 44mm Log CabinPalmako Grace 44mm Log Cabin - Double GlazingPalmako Grace 44mm Log Cabin - Laminated Door FramePalmako Grace 44mm Log Cabin - Silicone SealsPalmako Grace 44mm Log Cabin - Stainless Steel Low Door SillPalmako Grace 44mm Log Cabin - Adjustable Gold HingePalmako Grace 44mm Log Cabin - Cylinder LockPalmako Grace 44mm Log Cabin - Wooden Window Water Gutter
Delivery 21 - 28 Working DaysHeavy Duty 19mm Log Cabin Floor5 Year Manufacturers WarrantyHeavy Duty 19mm Log Cabin RoofSuperior 44mm Log Thickness
WAS £5,529.00 NOW £5,099.00
  • The 5.3m x 5.7m Grace log cabin acts as the perfect party/games room or garden office.
  • Produced from 44mm Solid wall logs, made from Nordic Spruce timber producing its immense build.
  • Roof and Floor boards are produced from tongue and groove timber panels adding great stability.
  • Features a separate storage room as well as a covered porch for relaxing, perfect for family bbq's.
  • Solid double doors built to withstand weather and features a cylinder lock.
  • Added features to keep log cabin secure and safe as well as attractive.
  • Please note that log cabins are supplied untreated; this gives you the flexibility and choice to apply a treatment colour or stain of your choice.
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Palmako Log Cabin Installation 22
Palmako Log Cabin Installation 22
Palmako Log Cabin Installation 22
  • Have your Palmako log cabin installed on arrival with our professional log cabin installation.
  • Quantity supplied is enough to cover the roof allowing for the necessary overlaps
  • Adhesive should be used when fitting to a flat roof- adhesive not supplied
  • Only available with the purchase of a Palmako Log Cabin
  • Can be used as an under-lay for roof shingles that would otherwise be fixed directly to the roof boards
1.5 x 2.2m Palmako Log Cabin Extension
1.5 x 2.2m Palmako Log Cabin Extension
1.5 x 2.2m Palmako Log Cabin Extension
  • Perfect for an add-on to an existing Palmako log cabin or in combination with a new garden cabin.
  • Same premium build as all of the Palmako cabins in this range, assuring excellent value.
  • Worthwhile investment if you want to separate storage and lounge space in your cabin.
  • Gradient roof design means rain runs of your cabins roof and straight of the extensions roof.
  • Front door is wide enough for storage of reasonably sized items, having a lock for security purposes also.
  • Floor joists are pressure treated preventing rotting and means the extension sits of the ground.
  • Assembly kit is supplied with delivery and is very fast and easy causing no hassle at all.
  • Free delivery along side your cabin or separately, on a day that you choose to suit you!
1.4 x 2.9m Palmako Log Cabin Canopy Roof
1.4 x 2.9m Palmako Log Cabin Canopy Roof
1.4 x 2.9m Palmako Log Cabin Canopy Roof
  • This lean to canopy is a handy extension that fits onto the side of any palmako log cabin, offering shelter.
  • Ideal for a BBQ placement or even a log store for drying out timber all year round.
  • Created from the same superior quality nordic spruce timber as the sister log cabins.
  • Two reinforced timber supports will see that the canopy is strong and rigid even through harsh winters.
  • Gradient designed solid roof keeps weather off providing a dry section all year round.
  • Assembly kit features everything needed to build and attach the canopy to your cabin.
  • *Free delivery on a day that suits you, meaning taking delivery of your canopy is hassle free.
Detailed Specification
Roofing Material Tongue and Groove
Material Nordic Spruce
Door Type Single/Double
Glazing Double
Number of Windows 1
Glazing Material Glass
Construction Type Tongue and Groove
Roof Type Apex
Floor Material Tongue and Groove
Product Type Log Cabins
Imperial Size 17x18
Metric Size 5 x 6 m
Ridge Height 3140 mm 10'4"
Eaves Height 2280 mm 7'6"
Width at Base 5100 mm 16'9"
Width including Overhang 5640 mm 18'6"
Depth at Base 5500 mm 18'1"
Depth including Overhang 5980 mm 19'7"
Framing Size 44 mm 1.7"
Door Opening Width 740/1140 mm
Door Opening Height 1750/1870 mm
Door Width 740 x 1175 mm
Door Height 1140 x 1870 mm
Log Thickness 44 mm 1.7"
Roof Thickness 19 mm 0.7"
Floor Thickness 19 mm 0.7"
Treatment Untreated
Guarantee 5 (structural) years
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