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Decking Calculator

Our nifty decking calculator is just the job if you’re having trouble working out how many decking boards you need for your next project.

Just follow the instructions below and once you know how many boards you need, nip over to our online shop to see our complete range of decking boards.

How to use the Decking Calculator:
Firstly work out your sq metre coverage by multiplying Width x Depth.

Eg. If your width is 6m and your depth is 2m
6(w)  x 2(d) = 12sqm

Then find the closest sqm to what you require. From this you can then find out how many boards you require:

41 boards of W120mm x L2.4m  or  24 boards of W140mm x L3.6m

Board Width 120mm

Board Width 140mm
W120mm x L2.4m Boards
W120mm x L3.6m Boards
W140mm x L2.4m Boards
W140mm x L3.6m Boards